personalized cotton knit baby blankets by ellaine caplan feferman

Follow the steps below to customize your blankets.

Ordering a custom baby blanket is a simple process. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose either the Original or Wide Stripe style
  2. Choose a colour scheme
  3. Choose the bottom border motif
  4. Choose from optional 'extras'
  5. Double check the spelling of the baby's name.Included is first and middle name. If the name is short, and there is no middle name, i can repeat the name 3 x across the top border.

When you've done that your are ready to email  with your choices.

Once I receive your email, I'll contact you to confirm your order.

Blankets are approximately 24 inches x 36 inches

$ 145 + SHIPPING

If you're having trouble choosing, or aren't sure about the process, please give me a call. US (928) 514-0332,