personalized cotton knit baby blankets by ellaine caplan feferman

personalized cotton knit baby blankets by ellaine caplan feferman

personalized cotton knit baby blankets by ellaine caplan fefermanpersonalized cotton knit baby blankets by ellaine caplan feferman

TEstimonials-corresponding pictures below

Kerri Behling- Ottawa Ontario

​​These blankets are so special to me. Most of us cousins received them when we were babies, and now A.J. has one of his own, too.All made by one woman, Ellaine Caplan Feferman...Thank you Auntie Dale !

Jane B - Toronto Ontario

Dear Ellaine

I really enjoyed watching your video. One of my sons still has your blanket and he is now 20 years old. My other son , age 26 years old has slept with his blanket so much ( and it was washed so many times ) that only a bit is left, but we have even saved that.

Rachel V. -Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dear Ellaine 

I was so thrilled to open a parcel today and discover your gorgeous blanket for my new son Noah. I ante received many beautiful gifts and i wanted to let you know that is the most special gift that Noah received....I am sure he will cherish it for years to personal and so much thought went into it. I have seen many personalized things here in N.Y...but yours is the best.

Wendy R.- Toronto, Ontario

Dear Ellaine

I was at a baby naming and I was so happy to see the new baby had your blanket. I used to buy blankets for all my friend's children 25 years or so ago and have not had any new babies in my family for so long, Now my friends are becoming grandparents and I hope I will have grandchildren one day soon. I am so glad that I  found out that you are still making those beautiful gifts after all these years ( why am I not surprised ). Now I can send them to all the new grandchildren

Donna Wilkinson- Betty Smith's daughter

What a wonderful surprise to get my very own blanket to celebrate my 59th birthday on St. Patrick's Day. My granddaughters, Michaela and Avery, each have one and they're excited that gramma has one too ! It's beautiful and very special.

Thank you

Susan Friedman- Thornhill, Ontario


My children are 12 and 14 years old. We still have your blankets. When my tennis coach had a baby, our team wanted a gift that was unique and meaningful. I suggested a blanket from Ellaine because I know how meaningful it was to my kids.

Jackie-Philadelphia, P.A.

Hi ! How are you ? It's Jackie from Philadelphia made a blanket for my son Max. If you remember, he had to have surgery and I wanted a " Lovey " to comfort him while he was there. Well, he LOVES your blanket. He laughs and hugs it whenever he sees it. He just had his first birthday and he sleeps with the blanket tucked under him every night and at every nap. He cannot and will not sleep without it. We wanted to order another one exactly the same.


Zalina- Toronto, Ontario

HI Ellaine

This is a follow-up to our conversation after receiving the blankets on Monday. Once again, I wish to thank you for these beautiful gifts. They are gifts that both our grandchildren will love and treasure. The timing of the article could not have been better as our son and daughter-in-law were expecting a new baby girl April 14, and I thought this would be a perfect and unique gift for her. I then decided that I should get one for her 2 1/2 year old brother.

I am not sure if I told you how I came to learn about the blankets. However it was the article in the Toronto Star from a young lady who was the recipient of the blanket and now has started the second generation gifts, getting one for her baby. After I read the article, I did some research on the internet and found your phone number and email address. What is important is I was able to learn more about you and you got started with the baby blankets. I read all the positive comments of recipients and was really impressed.

It is difficult to choose two blankets, as they all looked warm and beautiful. However after speaking to you, when I made a few choices you were able to guide me to the best ones for me. At the time, you told me they were more beautiful than they appeared in the pictures. You were right, it was hard to visualize them, however, when I received the blankets on Monday morning and opened them, I was " wowed" not only by the beauty but the softness and sense of warm coziness. Having them personalized makes them so much more special. What a wonderful talent to be blessed with. I am sure you will be making these for years to come. I am sure when friends see Ava and Aidan with their blankets they will start asking about them. They will be given them tomorrow. Ava will be two weeks old tomorrow.

Once again thank you, and keep making these beautiful gifts.

P.S. the packaging and enclosure of your very attractive business card and washing instructions is also indicative of your dedication and live in making these blankets.

Jonah's Story-Toronto, Ontario

Jonah's baby blanket friend-a very special story written by his mother

Jonah Davis loves his baby blanket. Over the past nine years, they've been through everything together. From " teething" to learning how to sleep through the night, to first steps. From first days of school, to family trips, to his first overnight camp-baby blanket has been his quiet, faithful, lifelong " friend"/ After almost a decade of love and boisterous play ) think tug of war games with his little sister using baby blanket as the rope ) Jonah's blanket,inevitable, started to show the strain if age ( his sister's blanket it should be noted is in pristine condition )

One day recently, we realized that baby blanket's days were numbered if something wasn't done to help. Jonah and i takes about the various options available to him, retiring the blanket, replacing the blanket with a new one, or having it repaired. After a few heart breaking tears, he finally agreed to the idea of sending his " friend" back to its creator, Ellaine Feferman, to have it fixed. Jonah was very anxious about sending his blanket away. even though it was only for a few days. This would, after all , be the first time, they had every been apart. Ellaine spoke to Jonah not he phone patiently explaining how she's repairing his blanket to help calm his fears. She even managed to meet us at the airport so we could pick up the the repaired blanket in person, and avoid delays of Canada Post.

A couple of days passed while Jonah slept fitfully and waited for the news of the blanket. When Ellaine called to say it was ready, off we went, my two kids and I on a dark rainy night , down the highway to the airport. The reunion with Jonah, his baby blanket, and Ellaine was joyful and quite emotional for everyone. I know it was a night Jonah will never forget, even as he gets older and finds himself needing his baby blanket less and less. His beloved blanket, having survived its " surgery " is treated with more care now ( definitely no more tug of was games )

and Jonah is sleeping well again.

Ally Florence- Toronto, On

Hi Ellaine

My name is Allyson Florence- my Mom, Karen, purchased a blanket from you recently that was a re-creation of my old baby blanket that i lost a few years ago. I just wanted to thank you so much for making it !! It truly brings back the best memories of my childhood and means more to me than anyone could imagine. I screamed and then cried of happiness when I opened the box from my parents. I just wanted to thank you personally, and let you know what an incredible impact you, through your work, have had on my life.

Thanks again


Sandra V.- Toronto, On

Dear Ellaine

Your website is wonderful. One part mentions that a new mother always remembers receiving a personalized baby blanket as a gift...THAT IS SO TRUE !

I was thinking about what our family could give to our neighbours who will be giving birth on Tuesday and one special gift came to was the baby blanket that my first born son received when he was born-and that was 16 years ago. I just came out of our crawl space under the stairs in our home after pulling out bin after bin. Of course I was reaching for " the blanket "/ I remembered that a tag was sewn into the blanket with the creator's name. You're very smart to have done that !

Our blanket is a treasure and I wold just like you to know how special it is to us.


Dear Ellaine

Your website is wonderful. One part mentions that a new mother always remembers receiving a personalized baby blanket as a gift...THAT IS SO TRUE !

I was thinking about what our family could give to our neighbours who will be giving birth on Tuesday and one special gift came to was the baby blanket that my first born son received when he was born-and that was 16 years ago. I just came out of our crawl space under the stairs in our home after pulling out bin after bin. Of course I was reaching for " the blanket "/ I remembered that a tag was sewn into the blanket with the creator's name. You're very smart to have done that !

Our blanket is a treasure and I wold just like you to know how special it is to us.

Carol G. - Pelham, Ontario

Even as a child, I was a very reluctant shopper, and as an adult I'd be thankful if I could find an appropriate gift, let alone the right gift.

With your blanket, the new mother said, it was the perfect gift ! Well, that's never happened before to me ! LOL

Thanks again,so very much


Susan Gortler- Toronto, On

Dear Ellaine

I just wanted to share these photos of my daughter Hillary's baby blankets re-purposed as pillows.

I think they look great and she loves them ! I received two gorgeous blankets as gifts when Hillary was born almost 21 years ago. I loved them both and found 2 useful as one stayed home in the crib and the other went in the car seat or stroller. I got many compliments not he beautiful personalized blankets and gave others having babies this wonderful gift.

As Hillary grew, she used the blankets for playing with her dolls and still slept with one. Sometime ago ( maybe 15 years ) I put the blankets in a bin , stored away. I was recently on a big cleaning spree and came across the blankets and decided to have the blankets made into throw pillows for Hillary's room. As an Interior Decorator, I'm always trying to re-purpose cherished items for other people in their homes so I did the same in my own place.

It wasn't expensive and put a zipper in as well, so the pillows ( stuffings ) could be changed in the future.

I sent Hillary a photo of her bed with the baby blanket pillows, while she was away at University. She absolutely loved them and showed the picture to her roommates. As it turned out one of her roommates is your niece Danielle, small world.

so, I just wanted to thank you Ellaine for the beautiful blankets and tell you that are truly timeless and special.


Susan Gortler 

Toronto, On

Iris S.- Thornhill, Ontario

Toronto, On

I have tried to write many blurbs about your blankets for your website, and it's so difficult because it is so hard to explain the bond I have with my blanket. It's a family member, comfort and excellent in thunderstorms.....It survived camp, Europe, boat rides. I used it as a cape during play as a child. It has been to every sleepover with me, for every milestone. It is loyal to my bed. It's soft cottony​​​ feel only gets softer the older it has become and the more and ore I appreciate it. Even as it unravels, I love it as much as the day it was received because it reminds me of the greatest memories and always cheers me up.

​Iris S. ( has had an Ellaine Feferman blanket for 19 years.....and counting )

Thornhill, On

Beryl Freedman-Toronto, Ontario

HI Ellaine

Thank you so much for the beautiful blanket you made for my former neighbour. It looks gorgeous in the picture you sent. I'm sure they will love theirs as much as we love the one we received. Thank you also for shipping it from the U.S. ( to South Korea ) and saving us so much money. You are a pleasure to deal with and you made the whole process very easy for me. I look forward to ordering the next one !

Steph Mooney- Toronto, Ontario

Dear Ellaine

Has anyone ever told you that you posses amazing customer service skills :-). Thank you so much for sending the photos and for clarifying the difference in colours. I'd like to go with Periwinkle, Light mint and silver...just like Ezra.
Thank you so much!
Steph Mooney,

Ira- NYC

Dear Ellaine,

We've had another blanket catastrophe, and Viva's blanket was lost, in the laundry. She had that blanket her whole life, and I will tell you when, a few days later, it really hit her that it was gone for good, she cried such honest, grieving tears, as I have never seen before. It was a bit heartbreaking.

But days have now past, and she's decided that for her replacement she'd like new colors. She has chosen medium pink,red, orange, turquoise and green.

Can you please make her a new blanket in those colors with her name at the top.

Thank you

Linda G. - Toronto, Ontario

Dear Ellaine

My nephew called that they received the blanket. He said they had tears in their eyes when they saw it.

He will send a picture of Jacob wrapped in it.

Thanks again.

Kaila B. - Toronto, Ontario

Dear Ellaine
Thank you looks wonderful! 
On a side note my kids age almost 26 and 23 still have their blankets and they look like the day they got them, they still remain a deep routed memory of their childhood 
Thanks for making ever lasting memories 

Jenn- Toronto, Ontario

Hi Ellaine, just wanted to let you know that I received the unicorn lovey and it's just perfect! The colours are stunning.  Nice choices.  It's going to its forever home this weekend in Richmond Hill.  Thanks for sending it so quickly! 
Take care,

Suzi W. - Toronto, Ontario

Hi Ellaine.I hope you are well...
My 3 kids have slept with your blankets from newborn to present and none of them could ever sleep without it...

Now 9,7 and 5
  I have always taken meticulous care of them (and if you follow your care instructions they wash beautifully).  Our kids prefer to sleep with them on top of them as opposed to snuggled in with them...maybe that's why they still look new .
As you know, we have given them to quite a few babies (all over Canada and the US) and every baby (now child) is still sleeping with them).
Your blankets are treasured.  In our home and every home we gifted.
Have the best day!!



He was so thrilled to receive his second one--as happy as he was having his first!  And I think he may even go on to a third blanket one of these days!  Thank goodness Santa Claus knows where to get one!!

And yes, you have had quite an effect on our young guy!  He wouldn't be the same without Slim (or Slim #2!). You have undoubtedly made many small (and not so small) children happy with what you do. You have a very special gift--that you give to each of them. You are lucky that you can keep doing it--and so are they!
Please know that your work could not be   any more appreciated !

Judy T.- Pittsburgh, P.A.

Maya's mother Judy writes:

Maya just told me, " I love my blankie, it's like my serious love "

Maya is 23 years old, not months old !

Dian Sparrow

Blankie " is the best

I am so glad I found your blankets through the Toronto Star article. I go to her in the morning when she wakes up and get a big smile and is handed " blankie" and he sips cup of water. Two things she can't seem to live without. I'm so protective of " blankie " and I won't let " blankie" near food, the dog, or the floor ( unless it is in the bedroom ). I couldn't bear to have it ripped, stained, or muddy paws on it. It would break my heart.

Marlene Cox

Just wanted to let you know that we love the blanket that you made for our grandson Lincoln Andrew Marvin. You can be sure that when he is finished with it ( when is that ? ) I will have it preserved for him. Thank you so much for making these wonderful keepsake items as well as so useful, and yes, wash beautifully.

Wendy VInokur- New York

WOW ! I am so glad that so many others love your blankets as much as I do...hopefully when my grandchildren come ( some day in the distant future ) I will be able to continue the tradition...Congrats on the article in the Toronto paper...hope all is well with you and yours....

Lois Demone- Toronto, Ontario

Still the best gift for a new baby

Thank you

Gloria Clamen

ust came in this evening and was delighted to receive the gorgeous blanket gift. Thank you for your beautiful work. Your presentation is fantastic and your attention to detail impeccable. I appreciate your promptness. I'm sure the blanket will be a cherished lifelong treasure. Warm regards